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diagram showing wind drag of an owl


shikhany research center

‘Clear Sign’ Russia Will Use Deadly Chemical Weapons Against Ukraine

By Kyle Mizokami
3d render illustration of a mobile battery showing the draining of battery

How AI Could Create ‘Indestructible’ Batteries

By Caroline Delbert
how to fly a kite woman in field

How to Fly a Kite and Keep It Soaring!

By Manasee Wagh
football flying into goal, illustration

This Math Proves Soccer Is Getting Boring to Watch

By Sarah Wells
when a car has not been used for some time, perhaps awaiting repair, then the car battery loses power as a result, a repaired car may need help in the form of a second vehicle that has a well charged battery the orange cables also known as jump leads show how contact is made between the batteries of the two cars car batteries are powerful and contain acid jump starting a car requires knowledge and experience

Should You Rev Your Engine During a Jump-Start?

By Matt Crisara
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person holding gas pump handle with hundred dollar bills

Watch: 10 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

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university of tennessee body farm

After You Die, A Universe Eats Your Body

New research is revealing the secrets of the necrobiome, the ecosystem that takes over our corpses after death.

By Erika Engelhaupt
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Badass Planes

preview for Help Your Kids Build Their Own DIY Desk With These Plans

Help Your Kids Build Their Own DIY Desk With These Plans

Have some extra free time? Take on this fun building project with your kiddos.

By Daisy Hernandez
birthday candles with numbers

This Infamous Birthday Math Problem Will Drive You Mad

By Laura Feiveson
can motherofpearl make stronger armor  what is motherofpearl

Pearls Could Contain the Secret to Stronger Armor

Leila Sloman
designer michael simon toon finds fibonacci sequence in synthetic tree design

This Designer Found a Brand-New Fibonacci Sequence

By Lynne Peskoe-Yang
close up of chess board against white background

This 150-Year-Old Chess Puzzle Is Finally Solved

By Caroline Delbert

How to Use Math to Beat Your Friends at Pool

By Sarah Wells and Courtney Linder


iphone se v iphone 13

Apple iPhone SE vs. iPhone 13 Mini

apple ipad comparison

The iPad Air Versus the iPad Pro

at the center, a qr code on a smartphone with a fork and knife on either side in yellow pink blue and black qr code squares in the background

How the Pandemic Saved the Dying QR Code

cyber skull

What Happens to Your Data When You Die?

popmech field test

Apply to Become a Field Tester

Enjoy access to member-exclusive product testing opportunities.

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